At Powerplay Pools, we use Dolphin fiberglass pools for our fiberglass installations. Their gel coat finish makes the surface of the pool very easy to maintain because it is chemically inert and will not alter the pool water chemistry. Also, the gel coat is very smooth and difficult for algae to bond to the surface.

Fiberglass pools are a great alternative to vinyl or concrete if you are looking to reduce maintenance costs. The investment upfront will save the cost of liner replacements and reduced maintenance costs over the long run of the pool.

Dolphin fiberglass pools high tensile strength allows the pool to flex without cracking making it ideal for regions with extreme temperature changes.

Dolphin's gel coat finish makes it the easiest pool to maintain as the surface is chemically inert therefore it does not alter the pools water chemistry, which means you do not need to use as many chemicals to keep your water balanced. Using less chemicals to maintain your water chemistry and never needing to replace a liner makes a fiberglass pool the environmentally smart choice.

Dolphin pools are produced locally in Canada, they are built well for our climate and have a lifetime warranty (35 years!).

Dolphin pools come in a wide variety of colours: Sahara; Dolphin White; Caribbean Blue; Pacific Blue; Slate (NEW); and Midnight (NEW). There are 21 shapes options from the "Aruba" (12’ 6” x 18’ @ 5’ deep) to the "Tampico" (16’ x 40’ @ 8’ deep). Custom shapes are available through a special order!

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