Do you have an old pool that needs to be repaired? We offer liner replacements, coping replacements, deck replacements as well as complete overhauls to make your pool new again. Open the Pool Renovation Gallery to see examples of total overhauls. We can redesign your space and make it brand new again.

Design Services
Imagine having your project become a visual prototype before the shovel goes in the ground.
Pool…. Patio Living Space … Outdoor kitchen… Shade Structure …. Cabana …. Fire Feature …Wood Decks …Fencing … Garden layout ….

The process starts with a consultation visit with one of our award winning Designers. Each project is a custom job where you, the Homeowner, become an integral part of the Design process. Our goal and passion is to create an outdoor space to enhance quality of living into your existing environment.

Using 3D virtual technology we will show you the possibilities, using spatial concepts with ergonomic considerations while respecting safety, local by-laws, drainage and elevation issues. It’s our job to advise, educate and design. View our gallery to see some samples of these rendered designs.

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