The majority of swimming pools are installed using steel wall and vinyl liners. Our steel wall and vinyl pools offer excellent value and are completely customizable, meaning that we can provide virtually any size pool to suit your outdoor space.

Typical pool sizes are 14' x 28', 16' x 32', 18' x 36' and 20' x 40' and come in variety of shapes including Kidney, Humpback Kidney, Roman, and Rectangle, Grecian, and Free Form.

We use both high-quality steel and polymer pool walls for our installation and ensure that our pool decks are secured with the best A-frame system on the market.

We us only the best quality, Canadian-made 30 mm vinyl liners from quality manufactures such as Latham and Deys fabrication. Vinyl liners come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, both with borders and borderless options.

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