We highly recommend our winter, HPI Safety Covers which are custom measured to fit your pool. Standard winter covers provide little to no protection from accidental intrusion of children or stray animals. Our Winter Safety Covers are the safe solution for any home owner. 

A Mesh Safety Cover is a winter cover in a tightly-woven mesh material that's designed to be stretched across the pool, and secured with straps to anchors installed around the pool's perimeter. In order to be installed as a Safety Cover, your pool must have approximately 36" or concrete decking, wood, pavers or other suitable rock around the perimeter - so there is a solid surface to set the anchors in.  The mesh construction allows water to drain from the surface - filtering out dirt, leaves and debris. These Winter Safety Covers also block out algae producing UV rays, helping to prevent algae growth in your pool water resulting from fall and early spring sunshine.

A Mesh Safety Cover features material that is generally lighter and easier to handle than solid Safety Cover material, so you will have an easier time putting your new Safety Cover on and taking it off your pool. Mesh Safety Cover material will keep out larger debris & dirty, but still allows rainwater and snow melt to seep into the pool, saving on resources and eliminating the need for a cover pump to drain standing water before the Safety Cover is removed.

Not only will your backyard look great, but installation is easy and the peace of mind that you will carry through-out the winter months is well worth the investment. Call us to book your custom measure and order. We can also install the Winter Safety Cover at the time of your pool closing for your convenience.

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